sunday morning heroes

The Game

Sunday Morning Heroes is a weekly Dungeons & Dragons (5th Edition) campaign starring experienced D&D players who are also YouTubers and livestreamers!

It airs at a European-friendly 8:00 am Eastern Daylight Time (-0400 UTC) -- that's 13.00 BST, 14.00 CEST, and 5:00am Pacific! Follow this link to see the current local time for our players.

You can watch it live on Twitch.TV at any of these channels: - The primary host (and a player!) - Who plays Tau Gilmore - The Dungeon Master

You will also be able to see the videos on Quill18's YouTube channel (and probably others -- stay tuned!) afterwards.

The Characters

Lisan Ra Brendel

The Ranger

Lisan is regarded as Red Larch's premiere herbalist, a skill she learned from her mother. However, her wanderlust and sense of adventure means that she's more of a ranger than a healer -- and that's something that comes from her elven father.

aKiss4Luck started playing D&D 35 years ago and has had more characters crushed by falling rocks than most people have rolled initiative for. Her YouTube and Twitch channels are focused on building & strategy games, and she loves to "Build it Beautiful".

Tau Gilmore

The Widow

Tau became The Widow after losing her husband and children and spent a decade as an assassin-for-hire targeting the evil and corrupt. She recently returned to Red Larch hoping to re-establish a more peaceful life.

Quill18 has been playing D&D every week for over 20 years. His YouTube and Twitch channels focus on strategy & simulation games. All he wants is to rule the world. What could possibly go wrong?

Erik Jheleza

The Brute

Erik is an intimidating thug and former blacksmith. After his family was attacked and his brother disappeared at the hands of mysterious assassins, he's going to use his meaty fists (and anything else in reach) to find answers.

Demonac is an expert dungeon master and his worldbuilding and storytelling prowess is fully evident in his long-running "Tales from my D&D Campaign" YouTube series.


The Dungeon Master

The Dungeon Master is the malevolent entity that keeps the game moving forward. He will be guiding us through the PRINCES OF THE APOCALYPSE pre-made adventure.

Briarstone turns every game he plays into a hardcore, perma-death roguelike. His YouTube and Twitch channels also feature several strategy games.

House Rules

Rule of Cool: If it's awesome, the player should be able to attempt it. Players are encouraged to come up with cool uses for their skills -- the PHB's options are just a starting point. That's why the gods invented d20s. However, the gods also invented 1's. (Critical Fails are dumb, but Critical Embarrassing Outcomes are awesome.)

Rule of Speed: Getting a rule mostly right *now* is more important then getting a rule exactly right after 5 minutes of checking the manuals.

Frequent, but limited Inspiratation: Players are encouraged to nominate each other for Inspiration when something awesome happens, but usually we only have one active inspiration at a time. You are encouraged to use it as soon as possible, rather than save it up.

Feats are Awesome: We are a 3-player party diving into an adventure meant for 4-5 people. The characters all get to start with a Feat. It's easier to empower characters than to nerf every single pre-generated encounter. Also, the feats help to flesh out the character concepts (like the Healer feat for Lisan and Tavern Brawler for Erik. Tau is Lucky because Quill sucks at dice rolls.)